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Sickness can catch you off guard, and saving for it is usually unplanned. Get quality health insurance that keeps you and your money in mind.

Access healthcare under 24 hours.

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Get the best option for quality healthcare at unbeatable rates with Dot


Get the best healthcare when you need it


We're creating a world where insurance is not just for the rich

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Call us first thing in the morning or last thing at night. We're always available

Covered 500,000+ lives

Lives Covered


24,000+ individuals have chosen us as their trusted health partner.


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How Dot HMO improved Yemi’s life.

Your quick response to costumers when they need attention, I love that, your service are in front of line in term of your costumer service.


Abdu Madu

Supervisor, Dangote

Companies Insured


Over 60+ companies have chosen us as their trusted partner.

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You have access to a network of trusted healthcare providers, including hospitals, doctors, specialists, and clinics. Pick your preferred healthcare professional within our insurance network.

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Our dream is for people to lead healthier and happier lives by making sure that insurance is accessible, affordable, high-quality, and comprehensive, regardless of the amount in your pocket.


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