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Get a card you can count on

Crafted from our top-quality materials with an impressive attention to detail, it's the go-to card for your daily spending

The simplicity of Dot. In a card.

You and our card, the formula for an easy life. Our card is designed to fit your lifestyle, and it's as fashionable as you are. It's your card, your info and your business.

No fees. Not even hidden ones.

We do not charge you any fees to maintain your card. It's yours, use it the way you want


Life happens. Milk spillls. Your card can go missing. If that ever happens, you can block your missing card on the app so no one can use it. Thieves can only try.

Reap what you store.

You don't just get debited. You get rewards while at it. 10% off your favorite movie or free shopping.

You only need one


100% Secure

Do more with your card

From paying at a supermarket to streaming your favorite shows, it's everything a card should be.

Pay Bills

Use your Dot card anywhere to pay your electricity, utility, or whatever bills you have.

Request a card in just 5 minutes

You can order your Dot card from the app and we’ll bring it to your doorstep wherever you are in Nigeria.

Using the Dot App

We keep your money safe and provide you with a safer way to spend it. There's no one else doing it the way we do.

From our Dot Heroes

We stand by our claim of being everywhere. There's a hero in your neighborhood, and you can get a Dot card from them