We Make Insurance
Simple and Accessible

We’re committed to providing you with various affordable insurance options that are tailored to meet your needs. You only pay for what you need.

Why Dot?

In a world where Insurance still feels like rocket science, it is important to understand not just the benefits of insurance, but the perks of enrolling with an insurance company that puts the people first. Here are some of the benefits just for you:

Settle Claims Promptly

We settle claims in record time, with no delays or excuses! Our support team is available to walk you through the claims process to make it seamless and hassle-free.

Our Plans are Affordable

We pride ourselves in creating plans that are friendly on the pocket, while still giving you access to the best benefits. No corners cut - your plans give you exactly what you need.

We have carefully curated a range of insurance plans that accommodates every income tier. Everyone deserves to be covered - finance is no barrier to that with Dot.

Ease and Speed

Healthcare is intimate and our support team is quick, respectful and easy to engage with. You can be sure to enjoy:

- Support with choosing the right plan for you, your family and your organization
- Prompt processing of claims
- Ease of access to our platform and partners
- Swift approvals

Insurance Brokerage

We’ll help you negotiate the best prices for large-scale/high-sum insurance payments. 

You also enjoy:
- Coverage of all Risks
- Flexible Payment Options
- 24-48 Hr Claim Settlement
- Flood Coverage at no Extra Cost

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Health Insurance

DotPay takes financial services to non-digital customers within and outside cities. Our agents, Dot Heroes, give Nigerians easy access to traditional banking services through POS terminals. Interested in becoming a Dot Hero?

Every of our HMO plans allow you to connect with all of our Healthcare providers, wherever, whenever!

Micro Insurance

Get affordable micro-insurance plans to help secure you and all you hold dear, from life to property.

With Dot MFB, we’ve opened up instant loans, salary advances and effortless payments to the people. Our premium banking solution has moved the banking hall to smartphones, made opening a bank account much easier, and removed the barriers around banking benefits.