We’ve built financial solutions that give people the power to improve lives.

70% of Nigeria’s population isn’t economically empowered which means they can’t make a significant contribution to the country’s GDP, and has a low chance of being lifted out of poverty.

To give these people the power to improve their lives, we’ve built products that give them easy access to affordable payments, insurance, banking and credit financing services.


Everyday payments for everyday people.

DotPay takes financial services to non-digital customers within and outside cities. Our agents, Dot Heroes, give Nigerians easy access to traditional banking services through POS terminals. Interested in becoming a Dot Hero?


Premium banking for everyone.

With Dot MFB, we’ve opened up instant loans, salary advances and effortless payments to the people. Our premium banking solution has moved the banking hall to smartphones, made opening a bank account much easier, and removed the barriers around banking benefits.


Affordable insurance that works.

DotEnsure gives you on-demand access to reliable healthcare and more control over the future of your money.