Become a
Financial Hero with Dot

We currently equip thousands of Nigerians with super-fast POS Terminals to provide a secure and stress-free way to make payments for customers nationwide.

Become a Dot Agent

Be The People's Hero

With Dot, you have the opportunity to provide a wide range of financial services to your community, all in a matter of minutes. Here are some of the features readily at your fingertips:

- Withdrawals, Transfers, Bill Payments
- Load Betting Accounts
- Dot Savings Account Opening
- Loans
- Commission Wallet
- Transaction Report, Balance Enquiry
- Web portal, Mobile App

What Does a Dot Hero Benefit?

We call our agents “heroes” for a reason. Unlike regular agents, they are more accessible and available than a physical bank or an ATM. As a Dot Hero, you get to be a source of happiness to thousands of Nigerians.

No Restrictions on Payments

As a Dot Hero, you get access to:

- Instant Loans
- Cash-back on every Bill Payment Transactions
- Commission on every dot account opened
- 24/7 Customer Support
- Fast Dispute Resolution
- Reliable Network for fast Transactions
- Easy End of the Day Reconciliation
- Transactions Monitoring Portal
- Real Time Report
- Multi-Transaction Channels

Boost Your Business with Dot

Our POS Terminal is also a great tool for receiving and processing payments - an excellent asset to your business that opens you to more.
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Why Integrate Dot into your Business?

Becoming a merchant with Dot not only opens you to be able to make money as a Dot Agent will, but also helps you to grow your business by helping you:

Boost Your Monthly Profit
Being able to double as a POS Agent for your customers has its perks - it's the perfect side hustle that doesn’t get in the way of your main business.

Process Payments Promptly
We help you receive and process payments promptly through our super-fast POS so you can do business with no hitch or issues, also allowing you to have multiple means to receive money from your customers.

Get Your Own Store
We also help our merchants finance their dream store, allowing you to pay back in installments as you do business!