Dot Partners with Healthily to Provide AI-led Access to Quality Healthcare

April 17, 2023
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Today, Dot has revealed a fresh collaboration with Healthily, a platform that utilizes AI technology to assist individuals in discovering essential information and actions related to their health decisions. Through this partnership, Dot aims to empower customers to live healthier lives by providing access to expert-backed health advice and resources through the Dot HMO mobile app and Dot x Healthily website. 

Dot recognizes the important role that physical and mental health play in overall well-being. By partnering with Healthily to offer a comprehensive range of services including an online smart symptoms checker, diet & nutrition guides, and complete guides on pain, periods, sleep problems, pregnancy, menopause, etc., Dot is taking a proactive approach to support the health of its all Nigerians.

With this partnership, Dot not only reinforces its commitment to customer well-being but also differentiates itself from other financial service providers. Dot stands out as a company that is focused on the overall financial, mental, and physical health of its customers.

Customers can now access health resources through Dot's collaboration with Healthily here.